About Us

Engels Trading started in 2017 as a small online retailer of smoking goods. After a few years of discovering the ins and outs of the market, and knowing exactly what the wants and needs of the worldwide smoking community are, we decided to start producing some of our own innovations. These products quickly became very popular and available in various stores, and together with some imported products (such as the brands aLeda and King Paper from Brazil), Engels Trading moved into the wholesale arena.

The company is based in the Netherlands, and is run by a small team of enthusiastic employees. We like to do business on a personal level, and we always try to adapt where we can to perfectly fit the customer’s needs. Will your shop become part of the family?

Smoke Shop Wholesale

We are not your typical smoke shop wholesale or headshop wholesaler with a huge amount of products that don’t sell well – we focus on a small range of products that every single smoke shop should have in stock. Only the best of the best, you might say. Sign up for an account, get in touch with us, and have a look at our catalog!